About Us

We are happy to offer EBT purchasing on grocery items in our store!

Driftless Market gets its name from the region of southwest and west central Wisconsin that remained unscathed from glacial activity during the last ice age. It is from this region that Driftless Market makes every effort to source its products from. We strive to stimulate the production of local and organic foods by providing a place for shoppers to easily find them at affordable prices.

Our goal is to provide shoppers with one location to buy all of the products they need while maintaining a focus on environmentally-friendly and sustainable production and consumption. We are passionate about taking care of our planet and want to serve as a resource for those who feel the same way.

The Driftless Market and Deli is a small food market, located on West Main Street of Platteville, WI. Our store prides itself as being a proponent of sustainability and the long-term wellbeing of the world around us. We sell food options for all looking to make healthier eating choices. The Driftless Market offers healthy eating and lifestyle products for anyone looking to do so as well. We also have an FDA approved kitchen and deli, supplying all of your freshly made health-conscious meals.