🦃 Driftless Market & Deli 🦃


Driftless Market is the tri-state area’s choice for fair trade, organic, and locally grown foods. We offer a wide variety of healthy, sustainable, and ultimately, better tasting foods all year round.

We also offer a complete selection of environmentally-friendly household products, all at a reasonable price.

Most of all, Driftless is about community. Our customers and producers are also, to a large extent, our neighbors. We care about what you eat and use and we show it by providing exceptional, personal service that you won’t find at big box stores.

  • Hot Soup is back! 🥣

    We will now be serving hot soup again! Due to Covid-19 precautions it will no longer be self serve, but our staff is more than happy to dish up whatever bowl size you desire. Also due to Covid-19 we no longer have indoor seating for customers. We would love to chat with you while you enjoy enjoy a bowl of soup, but for now all soups will be served to-go. Thank you for your understanding, hope to see you soon!



Featured Employee of November!

Makayla (Mak) Rooney

We are super excited to announce our November employee spotlight, Mak! Mak is an extremely reliable produce powerhouse. Always eager to help and very knowledgeable about our produce section, she never fails to keep it looking great! We can’t say enough about how appreciated Mak really is here at Driftless Market!

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