Welcome to Driftless Market

Driftless Market is the tri-state area’s choice for fair trade, organic, and locally grown foods. We offer a wide variety of healthy, sustainable, and ultimately, better tasting foods all year round. LINK to GIS Map developed by UW-Platteville Geography students as a part of PACCE grant shows the location of our local producers, many located right here in the Driftless area.

We also offer a complete selection of environmentally-friendly household products, all at a reasonable price.

Most of all, Driftless is about community. Our customers and producers are also, to a large extent, our neighbors. We care about what you eat and use and we show it by providing exceptional, personal service that you won’t find at big box stores.

Daily Soup:

  • Mushroom Wild Ric Potage - Fri. August 23nd

    Organic Veggie, Organic Ingredients, Local Meat

    Allergens: No Common

  • Old Bay Fish Stew - Fri. August 23nd

    Organic Veggies, Organic Ingredients, Vegan

    Contains: No Common

  • Three Bean Vegetarian Chili-served daily

    Organic Ingredients, Vegan, Free of Common Allergens


Daily Hot Entrée:

  • Vegan Shepherd's Pie - Fri. August 23rd

    Organic Vegetables

    Contains Walnuts and Soy

Upcoming Events: